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Archived Articles

Have a read through the stories that have shaped each club. Many of the articles feature the GAA club in general while others relate to players that have represented the club.

Social Media

We have added a twitter and/or Facebook page link to each club on our site. This provides a direct link to explore each club in more detail. We encourage all clubs to follow us on twitter and keep us up to date on your clubs results.

Interactive GAA Club Map

The aim of Clubinfo is to make it easier to explore the hundreds of GAA clubs across the country, and indeed across the world. There are many brilliant club websites, and of course there are countless news articles, yearbook stories etc already available online, but they are spread across different online platforms, sometimes not easy to access. We hope to make accessing information about each club much simpler and more enjoyable, not just for adults, but for all ages. You can navigate through our map to view the location, history and achievements of each club. To date we have added less than half of the clubs in the country to this map. However, we are adding more constantly. Eventually we hope to have every GAA club in Ireland and then perhaps every GAA club from around the world, clickable on our map.


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