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Club Ranking System

The idea behind Total GAA is simple - to rank the top Gaelic Football and Hurling clubs in Ireland. While the idea may be straightforward the system formulated to compile these rankings is not. The rankings are not simply a form guide.

There are numerous factors worked into our ranking formula. Of course the more matches a club is winning within their county then the higher their ranking will be at any given time. Results within each county are weighted. Each county has been assigned a weighting based on the performance of their clubs in All Ireland Club competitions. All Ireland Senior, Intermediate and Junior club competitions are all included in generating this weighting. The success of a counties intercounty team has no bearing on their clubs weighting.

Only league and championship results are included in the rankings. Championship matches carry a higher weighting than league matches. The further into the championship a club progresses then the higher the number of points awarded. Winning games in the Club All Ireland series will in turn result in even more ranking points accumulated.

We have not yet included every county in the Hurling rankings due to the irregular nature of the competitions in some counties. There are a number of counties that have had no measurable success at any level of the Club All Ireland series; therefore it would be very difficult to assign a weighting to these counties. Currently Kilkenny is not included in the Gaelic Football club rankings for these same reasons.

We have included Senior, Intermediate and even Junior clubs in some of the stronger hurling counties. We will strive to include more and more clubs in both codes as the site develops. Of course Senior games are weighted higher than Intermediate, and Intermediate ranked higher than Junior in each relevant county.

Archived Articles

Have a read through the stories that have shaped each club. Many of the articles feature the GAA club in general while others relate to players that have represented the club.

Social Media

We have added a twitter and/or Facebook page link to each club on our site. This provides a direct link to explore each club in more detail. We encourage all clubs to follow us on twitter and keep us up to date on your clubs results.


Our rankings are not official. In no way do our rankings influence any competition seeding.

We accept not everyone will agree with our rankings.

The aim of this site is purely to generate more interest and debate in our national games at club level.

We wish to expressly state our hope that any club that finds that they are at the bottom end of our rankings take no offence from this. There are many other clubs that are not even included in the rankings as it is logistically impossible to include all of the smaller regional clubs. So it stands that just being included in our rankings means your club is at a high level.

It goes without saying that the true value of any GAA club lies in the spirit and sense of community they bring to their local area regardless of success on the playing field.

Interactive GAA Club Map

As previously stated, the aim of Total GAA is to generate more interest in our national games at club level. Another feature of our website, the interactive club map, is a further example of us trying to achieve this. You can navigate through our map to view the location, history and achievements of each club. To date we have added less than half of the clubs in the country to this map. However we are adding more constantly. Eventually we hope to have every GAA club in Ireland and then perhaps every GAA club from around the world, clickable on our map.


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